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With the departure of Prince I thought it was within my musically driven mind to share with you a few r&b songs that will forever move me. It's so many more but i'll post 4 artist/songs that get me in my feelings. I hope you enjoy them all and remember to listen to the lyrics... it's poetry in motion.

1. Prince - Most beautiful girl in the world. 

Growing up i wasn't the most outgoing person and i pretty much stayed to myself and did what i had to do to get through school work and everything else. Didn't have a daddy around to tell me i was beautiful. So this song reminds men that it means everything to a little girl/woman to have the man in her life tell her how beautiful she is. Listen to the words.

2. Shanice - Yesterday

Ever been in love and didn't want to let it go? Well Shanice made me understand you can't hold on to things that hurt you in the past. Everyone does not deserve a second chance. Sorry not sorry. Listen...

3. Glady Knight, Brandy, Tamia, and Chaka Kahn - Missing You

This song holds something special between me and my sister and mother. My sister is still here on Earth but if she wasn't I would miss her and carry on like she would want me to. My mom will always be my big sister girl. Sisterhood is so important. We have to stand strong together in this world of craziness. Listen..

4.  Mariah Carey ft BoyzIIMen - One Sweet Day

This song is just confirmation to me that we have to know we will meet our loved ones again on the other side. My one sweet day was when my mom told me she was proud of me (she always told me) but a week before she died was most important because she also said i did a great job trying to manage my life and my issues. She knew i would be okay. I love my momma. I'll see her again.

5.  Fantasia - Lose to Win

I love this artist because she performs like she is the only one in the room. Annointing comess in teh secular world too. In life you cant win them all and you have lose alot of things before you win the race. I cried when i first listened this cd. She left her heart on this one.

Bonus 6. Mary J. Blige - Take me as I am

I'm a Mary J fan from beginning to end and this song almost tops them all. No more drama and My life are both my faves. Take me as i am or have nothing at all... i got alot of flaws but i deserve a love that embraces all of me and vice versa.

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