Day 10 - Cause I love Y'all...

10~ List 10 people you love and explain what they mean to you
1. God - he has been there for me since conception and birth he is the reason i live and can pick my head up and keep it moving when life gets to hard.

2. My mother - This lady went through the fire and the storm to make sure we had what we needed and taught us a big lesson about sacrifice. She is my rock she tells me straight forward answers when i ask. That's where i get it from. That's my Honey.

3. My kids - Briana & Brandon those two lil angels make everything in my life worth it. I love my kids with every fiber within me. If i wasn't a mother i have no idea where i would be in life...they love me with no conditions.

4. My siblings - Deon and Theresa We grew up poor, we were deprived of many holiday "normals" and were taught how to just get by. We all have grown up to be beautiful human beings. I love my brother and sister cause we are transparent with each other. There is no show boating or I'm doing this and ur not type of bullshit. We know where we came from.
me and my sister Rissa
my big bruh on the right Deon

5. My Aunt Brenda - she will never know how much her finding us and connecting us with our father side of the family has cleared up some questions for me. It still hasn't been violins and birds chirping but I'm glad to know everyone. She has always been good to me and i love her to pieces.

6. My homies Adrienne and Demetrya- there are not many females i can be bothered with but these two are closes to me. There are like night and day but i love it. They are my sisters...they are not my blood but i confide in, can be transparent with, and they aren't on the nonsense that most of the ladies i have been affiliated with be on. They are great mothers and providers just like myself. that's why i love them.

7. My girls - Lasherri, Tamarra, Amenika. These three ladies have been in my life for the past 6-7 years. We were coworkers first and then we branched out as friends. Lasherri has been there when she didn't have to be. She has came through for me  when no one else cared. I dint have to call her and ask for nothing. We talk like sisters and she told me recently I'm too hard on people and it stuck cause i know she meant that in the most girl get it together way. Tamarra my gospel sister when i met her i was afraid to curse in her presence. She was a wife, church going gospel singing nurse who had everything in the right place. She quickly told me she had to go through it it to get to it (the place she is now) She shares her happiness through her smile...that's my girl. Amenika is the exact replica of me she is no nonsense woman who will put you in your place quickly we share the same disdain for stupid ppl and stupid shit. I can call and talk to her and its like talking to myself. She is honest too.

8. My friend Al  - Even tho we don't roll as hard as we used to this one knows alot about me. They have seen me at my best and my worst. Al has ALWAYS been a staple in my world he can read me when I'm not being a 100% we always pick up where we left off. Life has a way of sending the right ppl in your life at the right time.
9. My cyber divas- Kali, Joy, and Lee-Lee - Kali we haven't met offline but we have talked on the phone and she has been beneficial to my life. She is candid honest and she of course LISTENS to what you have to say. I've borrowed her ear many of times and embraced her honesty. She doesn't give advice she gives her take on life and that's always appreciated. Joy - i remember the day she called me when i got admitted into the hospital to check on me. She dint have to do that but she did. Her ability to where her heart on her sleeve has encouraged me to continue to just BE me and let the world catch on to my wings. Lee-Lee is my girl from 360 we used to chat it up all the time. One day i spoke to her on the phone for like 2 hrs. she live in Cali and I Cleveland. She told me her struggles and from that day forward i knew she had a story to tell and ppl needed to listen. I can say she has been a great person towards me. I love these three as my extended sisters and they need to know that.
10. I LOVE MEEEEEEEE! No one can love me like me. No one will console me like me. No one will have my back for me like me. no one will encourage me like me. I am beautiful, comfortable in my skin and ready to finish out this life loving all over myself. 


S.O.A.P. said...

Awesome!!! A blessing to have so many blessings in your life. Gotta 'specially love that #10. :D

LeeLee Aint Msbehavin' said...

I love you too sis (((HUGS)))))

Thee_Kween said...

Aw, I love you too Budda~Boo! (((HUGS)))

(I love that you loved God first and then threw yourself in there...I love how you guys are relaying your perceptions)

lasherri said...

Thanks Angela, that made me feel special! Don't ever stop being true to you, that's a rare and beautiful quality.


Hugs to all my loved ones.....its from the heart

Mr. T said...

You know I got you whenever I can, CC....real is real and you have been with me and I will be with you...love always, girl..stay beautiful inside and out like you always have been!

Reggie said...

Absolutely you've gotta love yourself, first and foremost.

Angela Lykebudda White said...

I still love you all

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am just now reading this and I LOVE it! I'm always thankful that our paths crossed in life! Sisters forever!

Angela Lykebudda White said...

Yes we are Tam love ya bunches!

more2love said...

Thanks babe u know I got Ur back I love u to!


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