Thrusting - Throwback freestyle (2011)

Drippin Budda

Thrusting ya thick manhood
Into my pulsating punanny
Making it sing
Releasing the cream
Wetting the sheets
I’m grittin my teeth
I’m fighting back screams
I want to keep you going
Slow down the pace
Peek up at the expression on my face
Throwing it back polishing your tool
This milky budda with render you senseless
Bust and cuss
Fuck, I can’t feel my legs
Don’t worry baby
As I push ya back and give you some head
The taste of my love
Is such an acquired taste
Fuck around and get a sweet tooth
It’s addictive they say
My budda love will drive you insane
You shall commit and do as I say

I’m just clowning and free styling on this rainy day.
~Lykebudda @ 2011~


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