Its deep (collab featuring Mr. Deep)

 As Deep entered the house he called out his wife's name ”Budda are you home bae” no answer he placed his keys in the dish and noticed there was a message saying ”cum on up” he smirks slightly cause he knows his love is up to something. He quickly gets out his coat and shoes and makes his way up the stairs at the landing there is a message ”go to the bathroom” the jacuzzi is filled with bubbles and he wastes no time stripping away his garments. A glass of his favorite alcoholic beverage is chilled and sweating next to the tub. He gulps it down...and lays his head back. She is watching from the door ass he drifts into relaxation. Its time to remind him why he married her. She hesitates cause she is in awe of the magnificent man placed before her.as she enters the bathroom he awakens and motion for her to join him. Heavy kissing and petting ensues and before long...
 He holds his breath at the beauty before him as his eyes linger ova his black queen an decides to show her something new he says don't move an take a deep breath an submerges himself under the water to devour her pussy in a way she has never experience before. His sweet suckles and lick gently climb to orgasmic levels she has only experienced with him, her lover, an friend as he forcefully grabs her ass to press that sweet bud of flesh to his mouth  as his last mins of air are just enough for her to reach a climax...
He the positions him self to rise up out of the water and to enter her love tunnel... at the same time  sending a new wave of pleasure to all her senses as his sweet kisses rain down on her so lovingly. When she looks into his eyes, she sees the need  for him to lose control and she gives her consent. He grabs both of her legs an place them in the bends of his elbows and begins to deliver stroke after powerful stroke till she can only hold on to him an enjoy the ride as he continually hits her g-spot an she is cumin so much she cant tell where one ends an the next begins they are running together as one complete sensory overload as he bites her neck in multiple places to lick suck an caress with his second most deadly weapon his tongue and he tells her over an over he loves her and all the ways he is in love as well as the pull of her body to him The love of her life is proclaiming his love and making her juices flow freely...he gently lifts her from the tub never missing a beat and carries her into their adjoining bedroom to continue the lovemaking...dries her off and dives back into Making her squirm as he butters her thighs and licks her buddaspot....

 She had different plan for the night but knows her man loves to please his queen he flips her over and examines her plump derriere and grabs the oil off the nightstand to message her back she knows she has to regain control or Her plans may go awry but her love for her man is insatiable she dare not decline when he touches her she melts. When he loves on her she weeps in pleasure. His hands feel like butter his fine frame is one of a Greek God. He strokes her from the back as he rubs her back gently the flood gates are opens he stops to catch 
Smiles down with love at the wonderful voluptuous ass is placed into his hands as he pounds himself from behind she thinks they'll become one from the persistent pace of playing with her clit an him beating it up from the back He reaches down an she thinks its just for a reposition hold when he grabs both legs below the knee for her to rest on her elbows an chest with her as in the air so high that he has a easier way to invade the deepest places inside her womb loving every drop of budda spilled against his balls the constant screams are driving him wild with pleasure to know that his woman loves the way he pleases her body an knows many different ways to please her sexual appetite. He shudders but never stops his rhythm of loving his wife this is the woman of his wildest dreams she compliments him in so many ways his only desire is to please her an make her happy she never wonders about his loves because he does all the little things as well as the big, that make her so happy on the inside an out. Their bond of lovemaking has yet to be experienced by any one else because the way they love each other they never really shared with anyone in their past They both sing a constant mantra of i love u to each other. Their love for each other is truly selfless their love is patient an kind when needed the love making is their affirmation to one another in so many ways that's why their convos can be had without words because they speak to each others hearts....to be continued


Goin through it

No this ain't about my love life...this about my life period. I've been trying to stay busy and do things that distract my brain from the anxiety I've been experiencing. Reading praying cleaning...and back to praying. Music my kids anything to stop my brain from churning. The devil is busy trying to get me on his team and it will never happen.God had been great to me. He has been everything I needed when I thought I was missing out on things. I'm starting to shut folks out and I shouldn't but its my best defense. I think there are people out there who pray against you. I say to them you are fighting a losing battle. My chief is stronger than yours...he has better weapons and more powerful words. Devil get behind me better yet under my feet. You are not welcomed and none if your weapons shall prosper in my world. Thank you lord for giving me some calm in my life. Those who pray with me and for what I may be facing thank you. Thank you for not asking many questions or feeling some way that I'm so quiet. Love y'all. Have a pleasant Sunday.


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