Random Write (poem)

Listening to my heart
Boom boom boom boom
Its strong its alert
Its stable
It is not without scars
It is within normal limits
Nothing gets close enough to penetrate it
My past
My present
My feelings
My dealing
My world is in need of constant change
Nip tuck here and there
My alarms are on my bs meter is on sensitive
That’s all I got right now
That’s all I can give
I’m in need of rescue
I am fleeing for refuge
I don’t want to contain this flame
that is burning
to be exposed
you know that love that makes your toes
head swirl
wake up feeling like a brand new girl
just don’t want the rug pulled out
open the door for distrust
I’ve learned from the best no doubt
all I want is a clear shot
to be truly happy
no bullshit
I’ve had enough of that…it must feel real
or I’m throwing the deuces.


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