You got the right one.....

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So people been giving K. Michelle grief about this song but it is my absolute favorite song by her. All her songs have hella emotion attached to it. I don't really care for the singing for the money type folks. You should be able to relate to what you are singing. "Fuck you and all that, blast me on Twitter and imma blast back" she wrote that from the heart. This video speaks volumes...might be petty but she got her point across. You have messed up with the wrong one and you will live to regret it if you come for me. Most cheaters, deceivers, and side pieces need their ego toned from time to time.

Yeah the lyrics are "ratchet" but it is what every woman is thinking when some lame she used to love tries to make a fool of her. He knows she is way outta his league and he came up just being chosen by her. The ones he chose to play around on her with thought they were achieving some great feat cause he had a go getta girlfriend and still knocking off the ex-gf, baby mamas, and groupie chicks. No you little peons....he picked the right one. The one who wasn't gonna lose sleep, income, or anything else without him. You need validity. She doesn't. He needs to have many women to be important. He faked his ambition, drive, and maybe his love for her. He lost one. This song made me want to blog. It don't have to make sense to you. *smirk*

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